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Mr. Iverson has written many plays that have seen the light of stage, won awards and even traveled farther than he.  These pages will give glimpses into his unique vision and style.  Here you will find plays for children, quality theatre for churches, even theatre for theatres.  If any of his work interests you, let him know!   Roger would love to hear from you.


Skim the Surface

What Mr. Iverson writes about is what he sees in his own life:  Search for Belonging, Courage and Respect in the throws of defeat, GIFT, IVF, ZIFT, ICSI, and FET, as well as other Assisted Reproductive Technologies, and most of all, Honest Characters creating answers within Real Situations.  He dramatizes authentic life, not pretend spectacle relying on over the top language no one speaks.  Roger synthesizes stories into gripping drama that audiences refuse to ignore.

Unfortunately, you wont find much in the way of 'Adult Themes' here.   There's not much profanity, absolutely no sex, no drugs, no debauchery.  What you will find are powerful ideas delivered by interesting characters using  meticulous language.   You will find the art of words.  And theatre!

So, please!  Look around.


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